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Footsteps Christian Counseling is a faith-based counseling ministry that’s mission is to help people experience life more abundantly by providing compassionate Christian counseling to all who seek them.

You may be wondering if you really need counseling. You’re not alone. And it doesn't mean that there’s anything wrong with you.

Our counseling services are designed to address a wide array of needs ranging from management of anxiety and depression or coping with childhood abuse to assisting those who are simply seeking to experience life more fully… free from the heavy burden of day-to-day stress.

If you decide that we could be of service to you, you'll find credentialed, professional staff committed to helping you experience healing, repair your relationships, strengthen your family, and live your life to its fullest… applying Christian principles to life’s difficult challenges.

Modern medicine is uncovering the true connections between mental, physical, and spiritual health. We work with our clients to find peace, restoration, fulfillment, and joy through their relationships with God.
Rev. Virginia Loew/ Shelhammer, MA, LPC, BCPCC
Mon - Fri:3:30 PM - 11:00 PM
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Footsteps Counseling was established in 1997 by Rev. Virginia Loew/ Shelhammer and is dedicated to providing professional, Christian counseling and mental health services for children, adolescents, adults and couples.

We are blessed to enjoy a growing family of new clients who come to us mostly through referrals from their pastors, physicians, and other Footsteps clients.

As Christian counselors, we do not dismiss in any way the well-evolved techniques and practices of the mental health profession. Where we differ from a secular mental health practice is simply in our incorporation of faith in God and an understanding of His Word into our clinical practice.
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