The following articles have been published in the Wheeling Intelligencer in the faith section. I usually write 6 to 8 articles a year. I'll try to get them on the site as soon as possible. Feel free to print the articles. They are free. I hope that you enjoy them because I've really enjoyed writing them.
Faith Articles

A Gift for Him throughout the Year!

A Boarding Pass Bought By the Blood of Christ.

Unequally Yoked
Time Management - A Mighty Weapon!
It is All about Love
A Miracle in Moundsville
Like I Give A Care
Do You Own A Manison
My Best Friend
Problem Gambling Awareness Week Goes to Church
The Stuff He Uses
Don't Forget the Blessing
The 365 Days of Christmas
Did You Shut the Gate?
When I was a Child
Did You Ask Your Father?
What Did You Get for Christmas?
Don't Forget to Flush
The Marriage Invitation
Seeing CHRIST in the CRISIS
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