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To be the hands and feet of Jesus! If we are to truly become Jesus' hands
and feet, we must share His love for "the least of these."
If we are to truly become Jesus' hands and feet, we must share His love for
"the least of these." This is the hard part of the gospel message for us
sometimes. Jesus was revolutionary in His approach to the downtrodden and
forgotten in His society. He touched lepers, He welcomed women and
children, He dined with criminals, He championed the poor, He defended the
powerless. Jesus spent His time on earth with the hated and the outcasts and
claimed that He had come to "preach good news to the poor." There are a
number of examples of this in scripture. Here are just a few:

•He tells of a rich man and a poor one, and how the poor man goes to heaven
and the rich man doesn’t.(Luke 16:19-31)
•He tells of others who’ll be surprised they didn’t get into paradise because
they didn’t take care of Him when He was hungry or in prison. They object
that they never saw Him that way; He replies that whenever they neglected
the hungry or imprisoned or unclothed, they neglected Him (Matthew 25.)
•He says it’s harder for a rich person to enter heaven than a camel to go
through the eye of a needle. He tells a rich man only one thing is between
him and the Kingdom: he needs to sell what he has and give it to the poor
(Mark 10:17-31.)

While Jesus came to reconcile us ALL to the Father, He is clear that He
expects us to take care of one another and to begin with "the least of these."
God does not call all of us to sell everything we have and give it all to the poor,
but He does call us to get involved and allow Him to show us how. If we want to
be the hands and feet of Jesus, we have to open our eyes to the suffering in our
community. Bottom line: we each can make a difference and it matters that we
try...God is at work in the world and we can be part of it. We can be the hands
and feet of Jesus in our part of the world...what a privilege!

THE MISSION: To be a “Beacon of Light” to those in need by providing a
place of refuge & healing from the storms of life.

THE VISION: The Lighthouse will support, the emotional, educational,
physical & spiritual needs of the less fortunate & homeless of our
community. Our expectation is to offer second chances to those who have
lost all hope. Our friends will experience a safe, enriching environment
even in the late night hours. We will share the gospel, and demonstrate the
love of Christ to those who society often casts aside.
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